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Mexico World Cup, Cameroon
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Mexico vs Cameroon

It’s on – Mexico vs Cameroon

Very simply Mexico should get to the knock out stages.  Yes, they will have some resistance from Croatia but they are a cracking team, as Cameroon found out.

Cameroon have a couple of big names and as good as Samuel Eto’o is he isn’t the force he used to be.  Mexico looked very sharp indeed and Marquez, Herrera, Giovani, Peralta and Hernandez will cause problems for anyone who faces them.

In heavy rain, Dos Santos scored a great volley from a cross on the 11th minute mark to have it incorrectly ruled out.  He didn’t fare any better in the second half as he scored from a flicked on corner and was deemed offside again!  The linesman should have got both of these right and given that Mexico were running the game anything less than a win would have been robbery.

To their credit though they just got on with it.

Cameroon had a couple of chances but you could see Samuel Eto’o was left on his own with no support.  Also ex Arsenal player Alex Song let himself down.  He seemed to have picked up the falling over and play acting well from Barcelona.

Finally they scored and were able to keep their goal.  Peralta started ahead of Javier Hernandez and got the winner justifying the manager’s call.  He showed great composure to score a sweet left footed shot to give Mexico the win they totally deserved.

Hernandez also got 20 minutes in the game and was unlucky not to score with some good attempts.  In short Mexico won 1-0 but it should have been more.

Brazil vs Croatia
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It Opens – Brazil vs Croatia

Brazil vs Croatia (3-1)

We had another good night at Isaacs as the World Cup finally kicked off.  It was good as we had 4 goals scored.  A 5th if you count the Croatian goal that was incorrectly disallowed.

Brazil, as hosts, kicked us off the opening game in group A.  Their opponents Croatia worked very hard and were unlucky not to get a point out of the game.  In honesty, a lot of the Brazilian players were a little below par as was the Croatian goalkeeper who made some good saves at times.  Sadly though he let in some sloppy goals.

The game ended 3-1 to Brazil with a truck load of luck for the hosts and really poor decisions against plucky Croatia spoiling the opening spectacle a little.

An own goal on the 11th minute put the Croatians ahead as Brazil made a terrible clearance under pressure causing Marcelo to score against his own team.  Croatia then did well for a period of time.  The big Brazilian hope Neymar had a mixed game, yes, he scored twice, and on a normal day that’s great.

The first was a weak shot that just about made it in, and the 2nd was a suspect penalty won by Fred but badly awarded by the Japanese ref.  More to the point in my view Neymar should probably have been sent off for a red card.  The challenge itself wasn’t that bad, a forearm to the face so it wasn’t just a mistimed tackle.  The main reason is, he took a good look at the player before making it.

Many players would have gone off for that, then he scored twice!

The penalty was in the 2nd half and with Brazil 2-1 up they still looked vulnerable.  Croatia then scored a good goal but it wasn’t given, oddly.  Either way, it was soft work by the match officials and Croatia were rightly livid at the call.

Then Oscar came up and with a cheeky toe poke from outside the box.  The Croatian keeper should have narrowed the angle but credit to the Chelsea player for chancing his arm.

It was a good strike if not a little cheeky.

The result – Brazil vs Croatia ended 3-1 – Brazil were fortunate and Croatia very unlucky!

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World Cup Is Nearly Here!

At Isaacs we will be featuring all of the games and running some special promotions too, for the best experience of the World Cup in Ipswich, come to us!

We like to invite as many people to Isaacs as possible to all share in the passion of the World Cup and the Isaacs community.  We will be doing great food and really getting into World Cup fever. Our mission is to make Isaacs the best place to watch the World Cup in Ipswich.  We have a fantastic TV set up here and at our other venues as we look forward to seeing how well every nation does.

Watch the World Cup in Ipswich with us!

We can’t wait to see if Italy will rise to the top, can Spain hold on or will Brazil win it on home turf. Don’t rule out the Dutch either, they are long overdue a win.  Whatever you do, whoever you support we welcome you to Isaacs, the place to watch the World Cup in Ipswich.  It is once every four years so treat yourselves and your friends.  We can’t get you to Brazil but we will bring all the World Cup action to Ipswich.

Brazil kick off with the opening game against Croatia, 9pm kick off 12th of June!