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Germany vs Portugal

Germany vs Portugal

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Germany vs Portugal (4-0)

Another blockbuster game on paper.  In reality it was also a good game but overshadowed as we all know by Muller.  The German international is an excellent striker and possibly on the move at club level but his antics were bad.  Very bad.

I expected a lot more from Portugal in this game but they conceded early and then fell apart.  Not even the skill of Ronaldo could save them.

A fairly soft penalty was given to Germany in the 12th minute which Muller dispatched as Mario Gotze went down and ‘won’ the penalty.  Then on the 32nd minute the top German defender Hummels made it 2-0 rising high to head in a corner.  Hummels is one to watch here as any centre back who can defend AND score is a great asset.

In the first half the Portuguese defender Pepe ran past Muller and used his arm to keep the German away from him.  There was the slightest contact and down went the German (surprise)!.

He fell down holding his face and Pepe reacted (surprise).  He pushed his head into the downed German and was rightly sent off – silly boy.

Right at the death of the first half Muller scored the 3rd goal.  On the 78th minute his hat-trick was complete as he scored the 4th goal blowing Portugal aside.

Muller, Gotze and Ozil were excellent in this game with Ronaldo at time wondering what happened.  He had a couple of chances but 2 of the good Portuguese players were taken off with injuries and really it was a night to forget for Ronaldo and co.

A good performance from the Germans but still not a patch on Holland vs Spain for me – that was still the game of the tournament so far.

Germany vs Portugal finished a whopping 4-0!

World Cup Is Nearly Here!

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At Isaacs we will be featuring all of the games and running some special promotions too, for the best experience of the World Cup in Ipswich, come to us!

We like to invite as many people to Isaacs as possible to all share in the passion of the World Cup and the Isaacs community.  We will be doing great food and really getting into World Cup fever. Our mission is to make Isaacs the best place to watch the World Cup in Ipswich.  We have a fantastic TV set up here and at our other venues as we look forward to seeing how well every nation does.

Watch the World Cup in Ipswich with us!

We can’t wait to see if Italy will rise to the top, can Spain hold on or will Brazil win it on home turf. Don’t rule out the Dutch either, they are long overdue a win.  Whatever you do, whoever you support we welcome you to Isaacs, the place to watch the World Cup in Ipswich.  It is once every four years so treat yourselves and your friends.  We can’t get you to Brazil but we will bring all the World Cup action to Ipswich.

Brazil kick off with the opening game against Croatia, 9pm kick off 12th of June!