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We love live music, we have live bands covering all genres of music at all of our venues. Use our calendar to see when the big match is on or to listen to some great music to suit your taste.

Live Music & Where to watch the Live Sport in Ipswich – Isaacs has it all

The week's events
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January 29, 2018 January 30, 2018

Category: Football @ Isaacs19:45 Atalanta vs Juventus

19:45 Atalanta vs Juventus

Category: Football @ Isaacs20:00 Huddersfield vs Liverpool

20:00 Huddersfield vs Liverpool
January 31, 2018

Category: Football @ Isaacs19:45 AC Milan vs Lazio

19:45 AC Milan vs Lazio

Category: Football @ Isaacs20:00 Tottenham vs Man Utd

20:00 Tottenham vs Man Utd
February 1, 2018 February 2, 2018

Category: Football @ Isaacs19:30 FC Koln vs Dortmund

19:30 FC Koln vs Dortmund

Category: Football @ Isaacs20:00 Bolton vs Bristol City

20:00 Bolton vs Bristol City

Category: Football @ Isaacs20:00 Sociedad vs Deportivo

20:00 Sociedad vs Deportivo

Category: Music @ TGALive Music @TGA Coast 9pm

Live Music @TGA Coast 9pm
February 3, 2018

Category: Football @ Isaacs12:00 Eibar vs Sevilla

12:00 Eibar vs Sevilla

Category: Football @ Isaacs12:30 Burnley vs Man City

12:30 Burnley vs Man City

Category: Football @ Isaacs12:30 Kilmarnock vs Celtic

12:30 Kilmarnock vs Celtic

Category: Rugby @ Isaacs14:15 Wales vs Scotland

14:15 Wales vs Scotland

Category: Rugby @ Isaacs16:45 France vs Ireland

16:45 France vs Ireland

Category: Football @ Isaacs17:30 Arsenal vs Everton

17:30 Arsenal vs Everton

Category: Football @ Isaacs17:30 Mgladbach vs RB Leipzig

17:30 Mgladbach vs RB Leipzig

Category: Football @ Isaacs17:30 Wolves vs Sheff Utd

17:30 Wolves vs Sheff Utd

Category: Football @ Isaacs19:45 Levante vs Real Madrid

19:45 Levante vs Real Madrid

Category: Music @ TGALive Music @TGA The Superkings 9pm

Live Music @TGA The Superkings 9pm
February 4, 2018

Category: Football @ Isaacs11:00 Getafe vs Leganes

11:00 Getafe vs Leganes

Category: Football @ Isaacs14:15 C Palace vs Newcastle

14:15 C Palace vs Newcastle

Category: Rugby @ Isaacs15:00 Italy vs England

15:00 Italy vs England

Category: Football @ Isaacs15:15 Espanyol vs Barcelona

15:15 Espanyol vs Barcelona

Category: Football @ Isaacs16:30 Liverpool vs Tottenham

16:30 Liverpool vs Tottenham

Category: Sports @ Isaacs19:05 Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Lakers

19:05 Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Lakers